Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fort Clasop Oregon

I have never been to Fort Clatsop in Oregon, however, I have been through Astoria once, but never stopped, so my oldest grand asked me if I would be a chaperone on a field trip, I agreed.

This picture on the right is the valley and water you can see from what is known as the Astoria column, a large 125 foot tall pillar of welcome built 600 feet above sea level and it has 164 steps. No, I didn't count them or try to go up them.

This view was
just breathtaking and it was our first stop in Oregon. It is a blessing to live so close to the border of this beautiful state and be able to make little 'hop' trips to visit.

The day could not have been more perfect. Matter of fact for the first time in a long time, I heard everyone complaining it was to warm and they were sweating! Since out day revolved around being outside, it was so perf
ect I kept finding myself saying little prayers...thank you Jesus for this day, thank you Lord for the tree's, thank you for the wonderful bus driver we had and the other chaperones.

Thank you Lord, that with all the friends my granddaughter had that were begging her to sit by them, she turned them down to sit with
me. I wouldn't have been offended after all, she sits by me all the time, but I did take notice that not one other child sat next to their parent. Thank you Jesus, that she loves me so much!

The picture on the left is the column and you can see how awesome it is, however the pictures and designs on this are nothing but amazing. In just this small area there was so much to see and so much going on.

Since I can't climb due to my back, I stayed down at the bottom and was blessed to have a wonderful conversation with a gentleman from Georgia, his wife went up, but he couldn't as he gets Vertigo. He was so sweet and pleasant and it reminded me of how nice people really can be!

The 2 birds you see perched in the tree are not just any birds, they were 2 of a trio of bald Eagles that were flying around when we got our of the bus. It was such a majestic air show and then, these 2 landed and I will assume it is either 2 mates or perhaps the mom or dad and Eaglet as the one is so much smaller.

Everywhere I kept finding blessings after blessings that God had given us yesterday and it was then that I wondered how many more He gives us each day that we don't recognize?

Lastly, we ran into this left over guide from Lewis and Clark's expedition and I just thought she was to cute to not take her picture. Normally, you couldn't get her to pose, but she loved this hat...and the cabins and told me I could come back next week and pick her up. I reminded her there were no toilets, windows, lights or heat and it is in a forest.

It was a blessed day and today, will be the same. I am sitting her sipping a warm cup of Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry tea that Vickie sent me earlier in the week in the tea cup she sent me, the sun is shining, my windows are open and I am almost pain free.

Yes, blessings can be found everywhere if we just remember to look for them!

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You are so right God can do anything that he wants to do. Trish