Thursday, June 2, 2011

Look What I Won....

Awhile back I signed up for one of Vickie's giveaways all the way over yonder on or more commonly known as the Tapestry of Life. Vickie wasn't specific in what I won, just that I won!

Wow! I was amazed today when the box I opened contained so many wonderful things...
You can see the Raspberry Tartlets were bitten (the kids took them) right away and saved one for me..:)

Then there were lemon cookies which I hid from the kids. A wonderful cup and saucer perfect for tea and the kids had so much fun showing me how to drink tea with their pinky up!

Included also were these adorable little quilt kits for babies. Oh, the babies in Joplin will love these when I get them done.
The one awesome thing was this beautiful little card that made me absolutely laugh so hard
with her comment about not knowing how much ugly baby fabric there is on the market today. I just got such a hoot out of that!

Quilts and More magazine and I just can't wait to make the hamburger pin cushion and was actually thinking of turning the cup and saucer into an adorable pin cushion, however my grandchildren decided they wanted to share it.

Thank You Vickie!


Janet said...

What a wonderful surprise to receive. I love happy mail like that. Congrats!

Wendy B said...

With all you do Jean, you deserve it! The hambuger pincushion sounds like fun.....hope you show it when you make it!
sugary hugs
Wendy X :O)