Friday, June 10, 2011

Return Bad Items.

I have joined a book club. I just don't feel one can have enough books to read especially for our children. With the membership came a free book bag, it arrived today and I am sending it back tomorrow. Why?

While we regulate things that are 'Made in America,' I do not feel we really regulate the things that come into our country from China very well, so they are killing us slowly with all the garbage they are sending us. Think about it...
China is the only country manufacturing those government regulated beginning January 2012 light bulbs we all have to buy and they have Mercury in them.

They are so toxic, in order to clean it up should one break you are supposed to call the hazardous materials team out to your home. Now remember, years ago, we used Mercury filled thermometers, many of us played with the silver liquid at least once in our childhood & now, we find out it is toxic.

What will this due to our landfills? I am not talking about 1 bulb, I am talking about thousands of bulbs as they begin to wind up and they will in landfills? Mercury will leach into the ground and our groundwater and soon, people will be sick and they will die & only then will some brainiac legislature pull his head out of his butt & realize how stupid that law was!

Have you ever used these bulbs? We have tried and they actually burn out quicker than a normal bulb does in our home. What about enforcement? We are laying teachers and police officers off, so who is going to patrol all our homes looking for the person using the wrong light bulb?

Okay, back to my post...I get this bag, unbox it, place it under my desk and within a few short minutes, my eyes are watering, I can't breath, my nose is burning. I asked my husband to please take it outside and leave it. He comes into the living room and said, 'oh you are dealing with Formaldehyde, the Chinese soak lots of these types of things in it so the rats and bugs stay out of it.

So, without any warning on the box or the package, I have just been exposed to formaldehyde and was not even given notice. Oh you betcha I am sending the bag back and letting the company know I am not to happy with being exposed to this without any warnings. If I had known first, I could have opened outside and let it sit for awhile in the carport.

According to OSHA, being exposed to formaldehyde causes immediate irritation to the eyes, nose and throat and can causing wheezing! Guess what? I am extremely sensitive to chemicals anyway and have had to use my inhaler as I have been wheezing.

So, be very careful when purchasing or receiving items made in China, as you honestly do not know what you are being exposed to!


robin said...

I HATE those new lightbulbs. We have had some burn out faster than regular bulbs, and others last a long time. I've had 2 burst in my daughter's bedroom, and both times caused a terrible mercury vapour smell. The second time, the smell lingered for about 3 weeks. She has asthma, and I didn't let her sleep in her room all that time. It was in the winter, so we couldn't open windows to air it out in there. I was not a happy camper, so I phoned the bulb company and complained. You're supposed to not put them in the regular garbage, but can bring them to Home Depot or other stores for collection. But what a pain!

rubyslipperz said...

Thank you for this post...I really do appreciate this info. =)


Love Of Quilts said...

What bulbs are you talking about what is the name of them...who are what brand are they I don't want any. Trish

Pam said...

I think Michele Bauchman introduced a bill to try to stop this nonsense about the light bulbs. I hate all of this government control of our lives.

I also think defective items should be returned. If we keep throwing our money away on them and say nothing, they will keep manufacturing them. (or importing them-which considering the stuff from China has caused all kinds of problems-is even worse.)

SocialStudiesSoubrette said...

Oh my gosh that is horrible! I sure would send them a nasty letter.