Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh, Don't Tell Adam & Katie

The top of my son and dear daughter-in-laws quilt is almost complete and don't you tell them Chrissy!

As I was piecing it together yesterday, I ran across a hunk/scrap/chunk of corduroy fabric and something crazy possessed me to cut it into the shape of a heart and fuse it to the quilt. But I couldn't stop there, No! I had to try my hand at machine embroidering their name & while it didn't come out as great as it would have if I had an embroidery machine...it came out okay.

I tried using a decorative stitching around the heart itself, but after looking at it again this morning, decided I am just got to go back around it with a satin stitch later today.

I can't wait to complete this and make the matching pillows and I have enough fabric left over, I may be able to make a matching baby quilt for my granddaughter!

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