Friday, July 1, 2011

Glad To Be Alive Today...Thanks To My Type A Personality and Years of Training

Today, my Type A personality took over it what could have been a disaster. I set my kitchen on fire and while the fire department is impressed with the way I handled it, my husband isn't so happy, but then, neither am I.

First of all let me say, this is not the first time I have set my house on fire, hence the reason why I hate electric stoves, but this was and always is my fault. I turn my tea kettle on for a cup of coffee, go make my bed, head downstairs to do some laundry and hear the ear splitting sound of the smoke detector. Thank you Jesus!!

I yell, fire, shove the kids out the front door, head for the faucet and then remember it is an electrical fire, toss the window open above the sink, grab the box of baking soda and douse the flaming pot holder.

Go to call 911 and my phone is dead. Pick up another phone, it is dead. My cell phone is where is should be and charged, call 911 ask for fire, they are on their way, toss the cat into my bathroom where there is no smoke.

Open 2 more windows, put fans in them, grab a wet towel and wrap it around my face and head out the door. We were all cold, no shoes on our feet, smoke was pouring out the kids bedroom windows (did I get the fire out?).

Fire shows up, The come outside and tell me they are impressed with my calmness ( I was crying because I know my hubs is going to be mad at me & I am embarrassed) & the fact I used baking soda, opened the windows and put the fans on.

The only wrong thing I did was I had 1 fan blowing inside, so they turned it around. The house stinks! I am sure it will for a few days! My husband is upset with me for not paying attention and he has a right to be.

However, I could be angry at him for always insisting he has to unplug the phones so when I went to call 911 I had no phones. But I am not! Nope, today I am just pleased that we are all fine, no one was hurt, our smoke alarm did what it should do, I had the baking soda in the front of the cabinet and salt works as well.

Others might have been in a panic, I know we took many calls on kitchen fires and the damage they can do. But today, my personality did what it always does in a crisis, became calm, got everyone taken care of, thought through what needed to be done.

Perhaps today, besides that fire extinguisher I am going to buy, I need to really consider getting an electric tea kettle.

I sure hope your day goes better than mine! But then, its just another day in the life of an old police/fire dispatcher whether they are real or perceived fires, I am always good at putting them out!


Sara said...

You handled a stressful situation very well. I hope everyone is OK and that your house doesn't suffer long term effects from this.

Anna said...

So glad you and you family and your house are all ok. I am so so bad at remembering the kettle, that I have taken some pretty odd steps to help me keep focused (of course my focus is much improved *after* that first cup of tea!). One that has worked for me is to wear one shoe after I have put the kettle on. I won't get too far away from it like that haha!