Sunday, July 3, 2011

In A Quandary

I have the kids making a word book this summer, so when they see a word they don't know or don't know its meaning, they write it down and we look it up. Yesterday they learned the words etymology & omnomatapeia. Today is is going to be quandary which is defined as plight, predicament or dilemma and which I find myself in!

I love Sunbonnet Sue and discovered recently in my quickly diminishing stash, this wonderful linen fabric and immediately thought of doing some hand embroidery for a small babie quilt, table topper, chair quilt.

Notice anything wrong with what I did? Hmmm, I wasn't paying attention and sewed half of it upside down.

I was just getting ready to tear the seam out, when the oldest granddaughter, an engineer in a previous life or will be in the future, stopped me. Don't do it Ranny, it is perfect. Huh?? In case she hadn't noticed, it is upside down. Yes, she noticed, but when she placed it over the chair both sides were right side up. If I changed it and did the same thing, one would be upside down!

So, I hung it over the back of my couch and she was right. If I leave it as is, it would be perfect as a chair or couch quilt, but not good as a wall hanging or quilt. So, you can see I am in a bit of a quandary and while I don't want to hurt her feelings, I am thinking I will have to rip out the seam and redo it.

What are your thoughts? Be honest, we have all made silly mistakes like this. Would you redo it?

Here is a closeup of one of the panels, Sunbonnet Sue and her mom kneeling in prayer. I am sorry the picture appears a bit faded, but after a computer disaster last week (it is up and running, but missing so many things), I do believe my digital camera is going out on us as I can't get the pictures to appear as bright as they should.

Not to mention, we just found out the struts in my car are shot! If I wasn't still making payments on it, I think I would sell it and walk! HAHA!!

No, it has been and still is an awesome vehicle and struts should be replaced around 65-70,000 miles and my car has over 107,000 miles. So, it is just telling me I need to take care of it and it will take care of me!

Here is another picture this one is of Sam. As you can see, his hat didn't show up to well, it is yellow but I love this one of him and the geese! I am looking at completing this with Asian fabrics that will really give this a wonderful embroidered finish look!

Happy 4th to all of you, be safe and tell a Vet or active military man, thanks!

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