Friday, July 15, 2011

Listen With Your Heart and Your Eyes Closed

With the kids gone for a week to Hawaii visiting with their mom and aunt and other siblings, hubby and I are kind of lost. The house is quiet (eerily so), the cat is depressed, she sits and the window and cries and I have driven over 700 miles in 3 days.

Last night we went to our favorite restaurant here in our town, Los Amigos. It isn't just the fresh food and homemade corn tortillas that I love, it is the service. It is a family owned place and the young people that wait on you smile, they are genuninely happy you are there and they don't laugh at my lame attempts to speak their language.

While eating last night the most amazing song came on. It was very emotional and I could feel it in my soul. I asked the young man waiting on us if it was a love song and he smiled and said, 'you know this song?' I said, 'no, but I can feel the feelings in the music.'

It is sung by a man by the name of Marco Antonio Solis and his voice is incredible. So, enjoy the song even if you can't speak Spanish, if you close your eyes, it will speak to you!


Love Of Quilts said...

Nice! Trish

Janet said...

Lovely song. Enjoy the quiet and have a great weekend.