Sunday, August 14, 2011

Etouffee Simply Amazing1

I have been following Marguerite's blog Cajun Delights since I discovered it a month or so ago and let me tell you, this woman is a gracious hostess and she loves sharing Cajun recipes. Having lived in New Orleans for a short while, I fell in love with the food (it doesn't take long).

The recipe Marguerite posted was very easy to follow and you add spices as you want, not according to measurements as they are just a guideline. I cannot do hot Mexican, the Jalapeno's, Poblano's and other peppers tear my mouth up. But I can do Louisiana hot! However, the kids can't, so I pared the Tabasco down...way down!

One thing you need to remember about Tabasco sauce is a little drop or 2 go a very long way, so if you don't like fire hot or have little ones that don't, use a few drops, but don't go overboard. Taste it as it cooks, you will know!

The kids loved it and my granddaughter who doesn't eat seafood, especially shrimp ate it and wanted more. It was so good, I even added Okra to it and I do not like Okra, but in this dish it was great and it wouldn't have been the same without it.

The kids said it was spicy, but they asked for seconds. I made it with Garlic biscuits and they were the pefect companion food. Want some new ideas for dinner, breakfast or desert? Go check out Cajun Delights and tell Marguerite I told you to stop by. I promise you will not be sorry and as she would say....

C'est Bon! Here is what is left and the kids begged to have it for lunch tomorrow! Yummy!!

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