Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bloggy Friends, We May Never Meet but Love So Much

We all have them don't we? Those truly special blog friends we know on line but have never actually sat down and shared a cup of coffee with? The ones we know the minute we see them, we will hug and burst into tears of joy finally meeting them face to face?

I have so many wonderful blog friends, I am truly afraid to list them here for fear I will hurt someones feelings, but that is not now or never will be my intentions. Just know that I love each of you for so many reasons and I follow faithfully over 100 blogs, so someone is bound to be missed but not on purpose and not deliberately to be mean.

I just logged onto Robin's blog over at Your Daily Dose, she is an amazing person and has gone through a lot this year and yet, in all her pain, she took time from her hurting to read many blog friends blogs and make videos for many of them. What made my tears flow is that she made one for me that was so funny and so much what we go through with my granddaughters.

She has this knack for choosing just the right video for the right person. Check Robin out at:

There is Darlene over at Sew Cal Gal and if you are a quilter, crafter, sewer, serger and have not checked her blog out, rush over because she just has tons of information, contests, quilting and sewing tips. Truly wonderful lady and she does respond back to you when she has time!

Shawnee Halligan is an apron swap angel leader who has the most wonderful and amazing apron swaps and has made me want to achieve my best when creating an apron for someone else as well as myself. Shawnee is an amazing woman who runs apron swaps, has a pinterest site, does once a month cooking...

Shawnee and I lived just a few hours apart, she near Portland and I am near Olympia and yet, while we have come close to meeting, we just haven't quite made it yet, but I am determined someday we will meet!

Speaking of aprons, I met Val from Louisiana during an apron swap. She used to host swaps, but is so much more involved in other things right now, she has taken a break. I hope sometime in the future she hosts at least one during the year. Val is so amazingly talented and sweet.

Another person I share a lot in common with is Melinda over at Melinda's Fabric Fancies. Melinde and I met as well in an apron swap and she has been a wonderful friend since then. At the time, we were both raising grandchildren and her life was great. Lots has happened since then, but in spite of her trials, she has always been there designing beautiful things, making me feel I can call and talk to her anytime at all.

If you are looking for a unique card or gift for a teacher or co-worker, Melinda can make it and you will be thrilled. Melinda lived on Whidbey Island for a time and once again, we never got to meet, she now lives in Utah, but someday we are planning on having a tummy tuck together...hahahaha!!

Amy, oh my sweet blog friend Amy who is young, raising a son, loves the Lord, is getting ready to adopt a second child and has no problem sharing her short comings, funny happenings and loves life..she calls her self a Soubrette, but if you want to know why, jump on over and check her blog outL:

Want to head to the land down under? Then you simply must meet Wendy at Sugar Lane Quilts who designs the most amazing quilts, shares her life with us and teaches. On the other hand, she is from Queensland and shares stories about her life living there among the storms and fires. Wendy is just wonderfully warm.

I have also met many women who do not blog or have been unable to keep up with blogging due to family, work or health issues and yet, they continue to uplift me and I would love to hug them tightly:









I love reading Christian blogs and lifting up others, so some of my favorites in this area are:
Faith Blogs that has a ton of postings from young moms to empty nesters that are just funny, uplifting and loving at:

Gwen over at Pokey Dot Quilting. Her and I met it seems years ago on a blog where someone had mentioned her car had been stolen and while I believe they got the car back, Gwen's Christian CD's had been stolen. I sent her a package of some of my favorites and we have been friends since. She is a teacher like Wendy and we just share the love of Jesus, family and quilting.

I don't know anyone that manages family, home and crisis better than Sherry over at Http://
From moving into a home of her dreams to loosing that home due to her husband loosing his job, to her fathers passing, attempting to home school, grandchildren all over the place and sharing her wonderful humor and her crafting is amazing.

I do not have any pictures to post right now. So very happy everyone is sticking by me and sending me prayers and well wishes to continue with my new job. I will be back to normal once we move out of class room training to a trainer.

In the meantime, I am looking for guest bloggers that might want to share a talent, story or some pictures with my readers.



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Thank you, Jean. I would hug you very tightly back!

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I'm sending you some extra {{hugs}}!

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