Saturday, October 22, 2011

Coffee Tastes Better With A Friend

Fall is in the air, pumpkins are everywhere you look, the rain is falling and their is a crisp sweetness to the apples. It is time when we begin looking forward to snuggling under a special quilt, watching old movies and staying inside with loved ones. It is also the best time of year to grab a pumpkin latte with a friend, because it just tastes better.

While I would love to share a special cup with each of you my wonderful readers, I simply can't, but I can share with you a wonderful new meme my good friend Vicki over at Tapestry of Life blog has started. As in any new project, this one has been a bit slow and discouraging to her. So please, stop by her blog, see what she is up to and then follow the lead and add this wonderful new meme to your blog.

This week, it is list 10 Random Things you have never done:

1- I have driven a Corvette
2- I have never been to a NASCAR race in Daytona
3- I have never dyed my hair pink
4- I have never eaten Rhubarb pie
5- I have never had my so called 15 minutes of fame
6- I have never met Cher in person...I have always wanted just to sit down and chat with her for awhile
7- I have never ran for office...I have thought about it in the past
8- I have never used a long arm quilting machine
9- I have never been in the military
10- I have never given blood (I am not allowed to)

Share something you do this time of the year to prepare for the changing weather:
I try to keep 2 pair of hiking boots so one can be drying while I wear the other. I always make sure my tires are good, my wiper blades work and I try to have an emergency box in my car...first aid kit, a few blankets, gloves, hand warmers, instant case I get a flat in the snow, I can stay warm.

Now all you have to do is follow Vicki's meme & do the same....


Vicki said...

So good to see you joined my meme!
Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.
I am so glad you have never dyed your hair pink ... and I think your Grandchildren are too!
Have a good week!

Mara said...

Pink hair? Why would anybody want pink hair? I can understand a pink car. Or a bag. Or an mp3-player. But pink hair?

I was very nearly in the military, but me being naturally lazy and them being very much into physical fitness didn't really match. So, I became a busdriver instead!