Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Am Politically Incorrect via DNA

So, let me just state here and now that political correctness is not and never has been on my agenda and I mean political correctness as in, I will fight for what is right. So many people give lip service to what they perceive as being unjust, but do nothing about it. I was born to act, it is in my DNA.

So, yes, I get on my blog and I make it known things that upset me, the unjustices I see in this world and I do what I can though I am only one person. Why? Because my great, great grandmother (she may have only been great) was Mary Ann Sorden Stuart, the single most important woman in the state of Delawares history because she fought for womens rights when we had none.

Grandma MASS, stood up to congress and is described this way: 'she dresses in black, weighs 250 pounds, is good-natured, and can talk ten hours a day, at a rate of 200 words a minute.' Now, I never knew my grandmother, but I am pretty sure her DNA is deeply embedded in me as I weigh just slightly less than she did, can talk 23 hours a day (we have to have time to eat don't we?) and a rate of over 300 words a minute. I do not wear black....hang on let me check....okay, so my closet has more black now than it used to.

My grandmother was strong, she was widowed and she hated the fact that while she was born into wealth and took with her upon her marriage her servants, that once she was married and widowed, she had no rights at all under law to sell her own land, purchase land, keep her paycheck (she was an attorney) and she began in 1869 the fight of her life and ours to fight for womens sufferage.

Tirelessly, grandmother worked to bring in the top women and men to town halls such as Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Thomas Garret and Belva Lockwood, grandmother spent her own money to rally the people, rally congress, travel to talk to congress to give women the right to vote. She knew that women would only be able to have rights if they could vote and she fought until her death in 1893 to see her plan in action.

While grandmother did see some of her efforts put forth such as in the 1870's when married women earned the right to make wills, own property and keep their own paychecks, she passed away prior to 1920 when womens suffrage was added to the United States Constitution.

So, you want to know why I fight for the causes I do? Why I write the letters I do? Why I stand up for those that have voices but have been knocked down so often they are afraid to use those voices? Because I am part of the legacy that knows that we can make a difference and should make a difference.

No, I will not give money to someone standing on the corner holding a sign that says, 'why lie, I need a beer,' or to the lady that I know has her own home and stands on the corner holding a sign that says, 'my grandchildren need milk and cereal,' as I know her grandchildren, one doesn't even live at home anymore and the other is embarrassed as they don't live with grandma. The man who stands on the corner I offered a job to and he told me to...well, we won't go there will we?

But I do believe that in the area where we live where mills are closing, where business and home owners do not care how our town looks and where the mayor is pleased he has kept status quo while the county boasts the highest unemployment rate in the state....homelessness is going to get worse and we as a people need to do something about it.

I am only one person, I can only sew so fast, but these people could use warm blankets, quilts, gloves, socks, rain gear, thermoses for hot coffee. Yes, I am only one person, yes, I just lost my job and I have a choice to sit around and whine and feel sorry for myself or reach out to someone else who may be far worse off than I am.
Which do you think I will choose? To help someone else.

I was thinking how can I do this? Rag quilts and not the ones you cut up and tie, but a genunine denim rag quilt, 2 pieces of denim with batting in between...these would be warm and provide some shelter from the cold. So, I am going to make one and see how it goes. I will need denim and plan to ask my church family to donate some of it. I am only one person but this is what my friends say about me:

'You would make an excellent mayor, the people will love you, the politicians will hate you.' If they do then I am doing my job the right way wouldn't I be? My favorite....Hell won't take me because the devil knows I will bowl him over like a steam roller and convert everyone.'

If I offend you, I am sorry, I never mean to offend, but if I make you think, I have done what I set out to do.


Scrappy quilter said...

I'm with you. One quilt at a time to one person at a time. We are only one, yet I firmly believe once we know we need to do!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

Your Grand was quite a woman...and it does sound as if her DNA was passed along to you. I'm sorry you lost your job...and am glad you are viewing it as an opportunity to move on to the next thing God has for you.

I think I found you on Facebook...if so I sent you a friend request.

You are so right about the homeless...their needs...and the fact that things are going to get worse.

How big do you plan on making these quilts?

oxo Judy