Monday, January 30, 2012

Cuisinart -versus- Kitchen Aide Food Processor

I have had 2 food processors over the past 20+ years. One was just a basic GE or something, I don't remember, but I had it forever and then one day the motor went kabluey and I did without one for a very short period of time prior to purchasing my current Cuisinart Deluxe 11.

I use it for many things in cooking....turning graham crackers into crumbs for crusts or toppings, kneading bread dough, chopping veggies for Lumpia, slicing meats, grating cheeses, making sauces. I would say my food processor and electric skillet are probably the 2 most use counter top appliances in my home.

Awhile back I was slicing meat and the stem to my processor busted into pieces. No big deal, I sent Cuisinart $19.00 plus postage and was back on track. Last night however, I was grating cabbage for coleslaw and it worked and then just stopped. Never a good sign...

I checked to make sure it was plugged in, everything was tight when I realized a part of the top called the pusher was broken. So back to Cuisinart website to get another part. The only problem is this part costs $36 plus shipping and handling and I don't even know if that is the problem. If not, I will need to purchase another bowl for $39 to see if that will fix it.

I love Cuisinart, this thing is over the 10 year warranty limit and I have never had a problem until recently. Matter of fact, I own a Cuisinart hand mixer that is probably 20 years old or more.

So, what I want to hear from my readers, is if any of you have a Kitchen Aide food processor and what you think of them? How long have you have one? Which model do you have? Does it have soft buttons and how are those working out? Or, like me do you own a Cuisinart.

For those of you that know me and have been around awhile, you know I don't just toss things in the trash, I can't afford to. So, should I send for the lid and see if that fixes it or should I just purchase a new food processor?

The other thing that concerns me from last night is that when the food processor started the first time, none of the buttons had been pushed...thank you Jesus my fingers weren't in it and that has never happened.

I don't get the little processors because when I grate cheese, I grate a ton of cheese, same with cabbage, etc.


Cassandra said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt!

I can't help because I don't have a Kitchen Aid but I've been wanting one for ages. I'll be interested to see what other people think of them!

Love Of Quilts said...

I would not like it to come on by itself. You are the best judge of what you can do. What I would do is look on the net and find a good buy. Let me know what you fine.

JustPam said...

I have a 25 year old Cuisinart processor, I have been told that the plastic bowl and parts aren't as durable now as there were then. I have had to replace my bowl recently, but I replaced the lid and the part the pusher goes into also. The motor sounds as good as new.

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks everyone for your comments, I am thinking of replacing the pusher and see what happens!