Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Funnies

No, trust me I am not starting up a new blog hop. It is just that today is Friday and last night while baking a fresh apple pie, the kids and hubby were having such a great time with the apple peels from the little electric peeler I purchased at a yard sale, I thought I would post them this morning.

I didn't realize when I purchased this little tiny peeler from the neighbor that it would peel apples so quickly or that it would peel them with these extremely long and very thin strands of apple peelings. Who knew there were over six feet of peels on an apple? Certainly not me, but last night it provided not only a great snack, but loads of family funnies!

Here is silly girl eating what she termed last night as 'Appleghetti,' she went so far as to say she needed to have a jar of applesauce for the top of it like spaghetti and some Cinnamon for Parmesian cheese. You can see she has this wonderful imagination!

Then my hubs comes in from carrying wood in for the night and he sees her and decides he wants some. However, it wasn't until he held it up that we realized these strings of apple were longer than he was and that is six feet!

Of course there was some mention of the Lady and The Tramp picture but of course even if that happened (which it didn't), you would never catch it on camera. :)

To really get a sense of how much peelings there were, the silly girl set a bowl and a fork out as if it were dinner. As I said, I have never seen apple peelings gone so quickly and between all of them, they ate this entire bowl full.

Of course all of this fun was so I could make a mile high apple pie. While the top crust didn't come out looking perfectly was pretty tasty. I brushed the top with some milk and sprinkled it with Cinnamon sugar before popping it into the oven. I am sure hoping it is delish as Rachel Ray would say as it wasn't done until the kids went to bed so hubs and I decided to wait until they could share a piece before we
cut into it!

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Vicki said...

Cooking or just being in the kitchen when someone is cooking makes for such great family time and memories.