Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Gummies -VitaFusion Adult Gummy Vitamins

I am and always have been somewhat of a medical oddity from the time I was small and they discovered one of the valves didn't close to my heart (in 1958 it was a HUGE thing), to having pneumonia many times in junior high and never once running the teeniest bit of a temperature, to broken bones they can't explain.

What is worse I think for the doctors than myself is the fact my body has such horrible reactions to many different types of medications....I am allergic to many antibiotics and pain medications, well lets just say the one and only pain medication I could take in moderation has been banned and is no longer available.

However, worse than those seem to be vitamins. Yes, you read that right, plain simple vitamins. From the tiny One A days to Centrum for Women to Geritol, my body dislikes them all. The doctors nor the vitamin companies I have written to seem to have an answer...I take them with or without food, morning, noon or night...I get dizzy, break out in a sweat and then become extremely nauseous.

Finally, out of desperation, I picked up a bottle of Vitafusions MultiVites Gummy Vitamin for Adults which have 200% the required daily dose of Vitamin D. They also contain no wheat (gluten), milk, soy, eggs or peanuts.

They are doing great. I can take them on an empty of full stomach in the morning, with or without my NSAID and I am doing great. No side effects and for me this is amazing. While they are a bit short in some of the vitamin areas like only 50% for Vitamin C, I don't mind because I take a chewable Vitamin C as well.

These gummies are made by Northwest Natural Products up here in Washington state out of Vancouver, the same company that for years has made Gummy Critters that I give to my grands along with their amazing and awesome Immune C I give to them during the school year and I believe it is what keeps them from getting the flu and colds that go around.

They also have Gummies for women, for the plus 50 crowd like myself and more. To check out these wonderful vitamins, head on over to their website at: and take a look around.

If you are like me and haven't been able to digest vitamins well, these may be your answer.

*This is a non-paid, non-sponsored review. NNP did not contact me to talk about their products. This is a product review based on my own experience with the product in an attempt to share with my readers something that works for me and that I believe in.**


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Vitamin B is actually eight different water soluble vitamins that create the B-Complex vitamin when combined. These eight vitamin B sources are derived from different whole food and synthesized sources and are vital to leading a healthy life.