Monday, February 20, 2012

Has The Whole World Gone Nuts

Please tell me it isn't just me, please! I cannot be the only one that has begun to notice people are becoming whacked, crazy, nuts, squirrely, whatever your word is for it, I can vouch that in the past few weeks, I have experienced some nutty stuff and honey, I am not talking about the peanut butter!

First, I cannot comprehend why people rent homes while they are trying to sell them. Besides simple greed to make as much money as they can and the hopes that they can walk away from the lease deal and leave the poor saps that were renting in an uproar of where to move to and how to swing the first, last and deposits.

Truly, it has to be greed, because no matter how much they tell people they will write the renter stays in the contract, once that home is sold to a new owner, they do not owe the renter anything more than usually a 30 day move your stuff out notice.

That is why they hem and haw around the subject when asked about a long term lease. Hell no they don't want a long term lease, they don't want a lease at all because when it is broken, they the renter can come back to them for compensation.

I get they don't want to leave the house empty so why not have someone house sit for no rent and they can pay their own utilities?

Let me tell you, if you see a house for rent and for sale, walk away, don't even consider it because you will be on the loosing end when it is sold. We have been on three different occassions. The first one the house was sold because the owner worked out of town and his wife became a kookoo bird. That woman bought stuff and when he returned home to find her gone with his kids, the house was still full of stuff with tags on.

His words were, 'make the house look nice, they are buying it but keeping you as the renter.' NOT!! He sold it, we got the shaft! Next place was a condo that was a lease and we had just renewed our lease when the owner decided to cancel the lease and sell it and since it needed repairs, lease cancelled and all we got back was last months rent and deposit.

The last house we rented for a very nice price and we did upkeep on the yard, when flood waters began to get close due to a fence they built that kept water in (didn't know it until then), we called friends who brought sandbags and a sump pump and we worked to protect that house. They needed it for a daughter getting married. Since they cancelled the lease, they gave us a check for $3000 so we could find another place to live.

We bought a house and lived there until moving here. Now with having to heat wood in the oven just to dry it out enough to burn in the fire place, the floor is mushy, the electrical wiring is shorting, we may have to walk away and cut our loses. We won't know until we hear from our bank and they are 45 days late in telling us what is going on and then all of a guessed it, they need more paperwork.

So, we have began thinking we will probably have to rent again and now the landlords are kooky. I totally understand it is their home and they want to protect it as much as they can (thats why you require your renter to get renters insurance for a year and show you proof), thats why people pay deposits and pet deposits. That is why you call references, employers, past employers and landlords.

So our first bust was a home we believed was for rent. After meeting twice with owners, we are asked to return. What we weren't told is we were being interviewed by six family members and one would be outside talking to the grands. They already had a list of references I don't think they ever called. It all boiled down to one thing as was truthfully told by one of the siblings:

They were not the least bit interested in renting the property short term or long term (then why put it up for rent?), they wanted to sell it ASAP and if they could make some money renting while they found the right buyer they would. They offered it to us for a year and we turned them down. I do not want to move after a year.

Now, I found another home down the road, a bit bigger house, smaller garage and smaller land and this time they want people to place bids to rent and you will be up against one another for the house to rent. I sent information asking about it, but now...I am thinking I am to old to be a part of someone else's dog and pony show.

So, while it would be a nicer place, I am going to back out and say. Not interested in jumping through someones hoops. I will keep looking and praying God shows us what he wants.

Sadly, I am just to dang old to play peoples games. If you are going to rent or lease a home, set the price and let it ride.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, then again, maybe I should sell my house via raffle tickets. Yes, I can see it now, buy the purple house on the hill with a raffle ticket. $1 each or 5 for $5. Thats going to happen, yeah right!

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quilt happy said...

messed up world all people care about is money, this world is full of greedy people