Saturday, February 18, 2012

So Tired of Being Nice

You probably can't tell by looking a this, but this is a handmade childs apron. We have a swap & shop group on Facebook & a lady saw the 3 I was selling belonging to my grands when they were younger. She even requested this fabric I had and we agree to $5 each.

You guessed it, since they have been completed, she quit answering her phone and text messages. When I posted them on the site for her to contact me, I was just told it is against the new rules to sell handmade items.
Now, I have 2 aprons and no one to wear them.

I try to keep my faith in people, but I am seriously done messing around with people. They will lie and cheat and seem to get immense pleasure out of having someone make them something and then disappearing off the earth. I am just bummed!


quilt happy said...

many years ago i sewed for the public and that happened to me so i quit. i never did collect that money and it wasn't much but it just ruinned my faith in the pubic

Sandy said...

I can totally understand how you feel, but don't give up on people. You will probably have a need for a quick children's gift one of these days and now you have one ready. It sure is cute!!