Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Day Split into Quilt Blocks

Yesterday while doing some much needed visitiing other blogs and posting some updates on my life, I realized how quickly I can waste an entire day sitting down at my computer and visiting and commenting on everyone's amazing blogs. It had been a very long time since I sat around and did nothing and then it hit me!

I am an organizer and I have always been very organized. All my time was compartmentalized and set aside when I was working and now without work I have been floundering around from one thing to the next with no set schedule. It was not working for me or my family. I was scatter brained couldn't remember things...ahhh but schedules yes, schedule my life like a quilt.

Block #1- The Morning Block:

  • Open my eyes and thank Jesus for the day and life I have and the day ahead.

  • Get out of bed, put the tea kettle on, read my bible, pray for people on my prayer list

  • Wake the kids

  • Get breakfast out of the way, kids dressed and their beds made (they do this on their own)

  • Brush my teeth, get out of my PJ's, get dressed, make my bed

  • Take kids to school

  • Come home and sit around the rest of the day???

Scratch that last comment, that isn't what I do or is it? Sit around all day and then try to cram an entire day into an hour before hubby comes home? Oh my! I did do that! With my depression, I had to rethink this, how to make it work. Then voila' it hit me!! Turn my day into blocks of time!!

New Schedule:

  • 0700-0845 - All the Above

  • 0845-1000- Run errands if I have any, shop for fresh produce if I need and make any phone calls that need to be made. **Some days I come right home during this time frame**

  • 1000-Noon - Start laundry, load dishwasher, sweep kitchen and living room floors, open curtains, check kids rooms for any chores they need to do later, lay out stuff for dinner at this time if it needs to be done.

  1. Mondays: Pull sheets off of beds and wash

  2. Vacuum and mop floors

  3. Clean bathrooms

  4. Vacuum Stairs

  • Noon - 1300 Make time for a nice lunch (I am eating Nutritarian right now, so a make a large salad and glass of iced lemon water) sit down turn on some creative television show or Joyce Meyer and relax for an hour **Very important if you have medical issues as I do and it has taken many years for my hubby and bestie John to teach me to take time for me**

  1. 1300-1400 Finish up laundry and any little things that need completing

  2. 1400-1500 Work on quilting, sewing, crafting

  3. 1500-1600 Pick up kids from school

  4. 1600-1630 Snacks and homework with the kids**Start dinner at this time if need be**

  5. 1630-1800 Finish up dinner

  6. 1800 - 1830/1900 Dinner with family

  7. 1900 -1915 Clean up dinner mess

  8. 1915- 2100 Relax with hubby and family

  9. 2100-2200 Relax with hubby

Now, this changes depending on the day of the week and what we have going on. For example, we have scouts (Boy and Girls twice a week on different days, we have church functions in the middle of the week, I may have doctor appointments in Olympia during the week) but I need to work on a schedule. If I don't, nothing gets done, I get more depressed and cranky.

For example on the days I have to travel to the doctor, I cannot come home and have time to fix dinner as it is an hour there, time spent at the doctor and an hour home. However, I can put something in the crock pot before I leave or plan to have a simple dinner with a salad.

This approach wouldn't work for everyone, but it works for me because I need structure, I need organization that working gave me and now that it is gone, I need something to plan on, it helps me think clearer and get more accomplished.

So now, I just visulize my day as a block in a quilt and get things going....speaking of which, my time is up today!

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