Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beautiful Tom Boy

This is my NASCAR loving, NASCAR tee-shirt, only jeans or shorts wearing granddaughter who just happened to turn 11 last week and is in the school band.

Their last school concert each year is a city wide concert featuring all the bands from each school and she wanted hers to be very special for her Papa...he is always asking when she grew up and stopped letting us dress her up all cutesy and she always rolls her eyes and tells him NEVER again...then laughs!

Last week we went dress shopping and the dress was kept at her best friends house along with her shoes and socks.  We didn't anticipate the crisis once the dress was on...she refused to come out of their bathroom unless someone ran her shorts down to her.  She said she felt naked and her dress was to short.  Crisis adverted as her sister sprinted down the street with shorts in hand.

She was taken to the hair salon today to have her hair done, they straightened it with a large brush and then put some long ring curls in the bottom and pulled her bangs back.  They were amazing and she looked beautiful.  I could see her sitting in her chair, clarinet in hand anxiously watching for her Papa.

As expected, he walked right past her, she smiled a huge smile and was so proud.

I love the fact that she is comfortable NOT wearing immodest clothing, that she wants her legs covered and she wore a tee shirt under it.  She has worn them since she was small and said she doesn't like not having one on or showing her booty!  Notice how long the dress is, but she had her security shorts under them.

She is so beautiful I love the fact she is still a Tom Boy and just happy to wear those NASCAR shirts and once in awhile spring a surprise on her Papa!

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Marcia W. said...

The first thing I noticed was your granddaughter's wonderful smile, then her hair. Only after I read your post did I more closely look at her cute dress. I cannot tell that she has her NASCAR shorts and a T underneath. She's ready to have fun!