Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hates To Shop, Loved The Dressing Room

My oldest granddaughter is one of these kids who just really doesn't care what people think of her, how she dresses or anything else.  Her go to clothes for any day of the week are jeans (not skinny ones) and the baggier the better NASCAR tee shirts and I am talking she has been wearing some of these shirts since 2nd grade (only now they fit her just right).

So, when she told me of her plans to surprise my husband by wearing a dress to an upcoming event and getting her hair done, I was a bit skeptical.  Okay, I was a lot skeptical.  This girl does not like to shop for clothes or shoes, hates it!  Last year I took her to Kohl's, it was an awful mess!

Thankfully, she has a friend who is just like her, but between the two of them, they will shop together so her mom and I hatched a plan to take them shopping yesterday.  Can you say fun like a root canal?  Both of them were thrilled to get out of school a tad bit early, to be leaving our sleepy town and going to a 'REAL' mall, but once in Macy's, it was apparent neither one of them really wanted to shop!

We went to Macys, Forever 21, Justice & Maurices.  When are these places going to carry clothes for the girls that don't want to give the store away?  When will a company come up with cute but modest clothes?  Macys clothes were just plan ugly and both girls walked out.  Forever 21 is a store aimed for older girls or women....not 11/12 year olds looking for something simple.  **However, I will give Forever 21 props for having a few longer skirts**

I think both parents had more fun choosing the most ugliest outrageous clothes and watching the girls reaction when we asked if they wanted to wear it.  One of the shops had this darling brightly neon colored wavy pattern dress and my granddaughter loved it. However when she put it on, it was cut so low that even someone six foot tall with boobs couldn't have worn it!

The store we loved the most and was the absolute most helpful was Maurices.  They had some adorable clothes and the clerk worked really hard to help granddaughter shop, but nothing fit her right.  However, when she walked backed to the dressing room and saw her name.............she was amazed.  I am sooooooooooooo glad I thought to bring my camera.

She was very willing in this store to try things on over and over again because everything amazed her...her name on the door, the padded and tufted seating for those that are waiting, the crystal chandeliers above each dressing room, the carpeting and the frienliness of the store clerk.

We didn't get anything in this store, but her friend was able to find the pants and vest she wanted, so they walked out really happy. Something tells me as she gets older, she will go back to this store over and over

JC Penny was our saving grace.  The clerk there was amazing and took us right to the plus sized area as granddaughter is stuck between size girls 16 and junior sizes and on each side of the scale, clothes don't fit her right.  The clerk took us right away to the clearance rack and there among all the dresses was a beautiful dress.  Granddaughter tried it on and loved it.  It is now at besties house as shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, remember this is a surprise for her Papa!  He never reads my blog, so I am not worried!

Thursday afternoon, the girls will get out of school and head straight over to the hair salon and have their long locks washed and fixed up to match their dresses. Nothing fancy they have said, maybe a pony tail with a few curls. Trust me when I say that neither one of these girls would be doing it without the other one so they both think they are helping each other.

They will leave the salon and go to Besties house to get dressed, gather their instruments and head off to the final concert of the school season.  You read that right...this isn't a dance, the prom, graduation, it is the final band concert where they will both be together for the next year as Bestie is heading to junior high next year.

It will be exciting for grands friends from her first school, because none of her friends that she still hangs with have ever seen her in a dress. They have tried and failed in doing so.  I think they will all be in tears just as her Papa will be that night.  When the concert is over, I am paying for Papa and grand to go out to dinner together. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, now how do I get him to dress up?

She keeps asking for one of these hats, but when I put it on her head, this is the look she gave me along with; 'please tell me you don't think I am 3 years old and you can dress me up all cutesy.'

One can still dream can't I?


Katie M. said...

cute story - reminds me of my, now, 17 yr old granddaughter - she discovered make-up and occassionally, I can even get her in a dress!

Melinda Cornish said...

I want to see her all done up......dont forget to post a picture....

Shawnee H said...

Isn't Maurice's a great shop? That's where we did all Miss T'a school shopping this past year. Trendy, affordable, and MODEST clothing that fit..what more can you ask for? Can't wait to see a picture!