Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How Much Do You Really Spend on Paper Towels

 Saving The Environment For All Our Children!
How much do you really spend on paper towels?  I was adding this up just the  other day in an effort to save my family some more money and realized that no matter how much of a deal I am getting, paper towels cost so much more than the initial cost.

Lets go with an average of $1.10 per role and I am being very conservative here and going with the cost of an 8 pack of Sparkle towels from WalMart.  Then you have around 56 sheets per roll which translate roughly into 2 cents per towel.  Or does it?  With gas at $3.99 gallon in my area (higher/lower in others) you have to figure that cost in to pick them up and even if you have them delivered, someone is paying for the cost of gas.

I will figure in an additional fifty cents for gas so now my cost is $1.60 per roll, but I am not finished.  We pay garbage pick up fee of $26.00 per month so that is around another 86 cents per day for trash pick up and you just can't recycle paper towels. So now my roll cost has gone up to around $2.46 per roll more or less.

Then I have to factor in the truth factor and in my home paper towels are like bandaids, if you have them and the kids see them or even know they are in the house, they will be used for everything from boo boo's to experiments, to blowing their noses and don't get me started on how many uses hubby can find for them or how many places he leaves them.  We can literally go through a roll every day and half.

I use cotton bar towels for quick pick ups, dusting, etc., but no one likes carrying them around for picnics or the beach or travel because when wet, they are heavy, they don't dry quickly and someone will set one down and they leave a huge wet spot.

Want to stop the paper towel cycle? Want a terrific way to have a real towel with you but one that dries quickly, is lightweight and can be used over and over again?  PeopleTowels is the perfect towel.  They come in a variety of designs and for those of us who are or have budding artists in our homes...they can design their own.  Now, how cool is that?

PeopleTowels are very cost effective at only $6 per towel  and they are reusable over and over and over again saving you money in the long run.  Whats even nice is they can hook onto a child or hikers back pack for a quick wiping of the hands or brow.

I don't mind using hand sanitizer, but lets face the truth, when you are out in your garden and digging in the dirt, or working up a sweat hiking, hand sanitizer just makes a huge mess and the real truth is, if we wash our hands simply with water we will get more dirt and germs off than smearing the dirt around.


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hmmmm...I'm all about saving money and the environment. Where did you find them?


Quiltingranny said...

Kelly, you can find them at most Whole Foods stores or just click on the picture on my side bar and it will take you to their web-site where you can order them direct.

Quiltingranny said...


autumnesf said...

In the house we use paper towels for greasing the skillet after use. That's it. A roll can literally last a year.

Now in the RV we do use paper towels. But there is it all about being disposable.