Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little Green Always Helps

And you thought I was talking about money didn't you?

I am in a small way, saving money by growing your own fruits and vegetables can probably be a pretty great thing if you have a large yard or large piece of property.  However, it is just as easy as you can see, to grow things inside as well.  This is my granddaughters bean plant and it has 2 nice beans on it already.

Now, it will have to be transplanted shortly outside and a trellis built so the plant can climb, but the amazing thing about this plant is that is is doing much better than the one she planted outside.  I think because our weather here is still cool and inside it not only gets the sun from the window, but the warmth from the fireplace.

We can also save green and be green by using the adorable little PeopleTowels and if you want to know more about these, just click on the little girl on my sidebar.  The great thing about these, is that you can make your own designs and they will print them and send you your own towels.  Now, if you own a business or want to hold a giveaway, what better idea than this?

Let me know how your garden grows or what you think of PeopleTowels if you have used them in the past.

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Azizah said...

We have been trying to garden ourselves! We finally have enough space to do so and we thought, it's silly to keep buying parsley, isn't it? And basil! And mint... so we planted a whole bunch of herbs in pots and they have flourished. It's so awesome to save money every week by not having to buy these things, and then we always have fresh herbs on hand!

I also love PeopleTowels :) I keep one in my purse at all times. And I love how soft they feel after being washed!