Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thank You Grandmothers Who Raise Grandchildren

Today is Mother's day and it is the third Mother's Day I am without my mom who left this earth in Gods perfect timing, but not mine and honestly I do not think there would have ever been a good time for her to go, but knowing she went peacefully with honor and grace gives me comfort. 

Knowing her body was riddled with cancer and she had no pain, gave me comfort.  Knowing she kissed her husband and told him she loved him and ten minutes later she went to her eternal sleeping place, gives me comfort. Knowing she loved her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren so much and supported me in all I did, gave me peace.

My mom always told me she never knew how I could do it, how I did it, how did I work a full-time job, keep house, raise three grandchildren and attend school full time (I am talking 3-4 university classes a semester) while I work on my Masters degree. How did I make the adjustment from empty nest to full-time Ranny?

Mom never understood it because she had her own life.  Mom traveled every year around the United States with her husband in their RV, he spoiled her rotten and she collected tons of new pen pals.  Mom always sent her grand children and great grandchildren post cards and trinkets from her travels.

Mom never understood what it was like to be a grandparent raising her grandchildren because none of my siblings got locked up, passed on or got involved with drugs. We had our children and we raised them. We would never have called mom or dad to take our kids, not even for a short time while we got our life together.  My mom wouldn't have done it, she was famous for believing in the 'you made your bed.' But she loved our grands!

I have heard all the negative comments aimed at me for taking my grandchildren on....not so much about our situation, but the kids dad being in prison & doesn't change who I am, I doesn't change who any of the millions of grandparents are that are raising their grandchildren for whatever reason.

The difference is, I am NOT mom, I am grandma. I cannot do all the things other younger parents do, but I will be there to support my grandchildren, I will hold them when they cry, clean them when they get sick, take them to the doctor, love on them when they have surgery, dote on them on their birthdays and push them to be the best they can be.  I will pray angels around them that they will become amazing adults and make a difference in this world and when they have children, they will take care of them as parents should.

So let me say thanks to all the grandmothers in this world who dream of driving a sports car, but have opted for a van. Who have dreamed of taking a vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas, but have paid for summer camp and braces instead.  Who dreamed of retirement and had savings, but used that savings to move closer to their grandchildren/to a better place to raise their grandchildren, to a bigger house for their grandchildren.

This is to thank all the grandmothers who have aging aches and pains, but still get up in the middle of the night to comfort a child who is puking or sit up all night at the emergency room or to calm a crying infant.



Mego said...

WHO WHO WHO says negative comments about you for helping raise your grandkids? HONESTLY? I think you're an takes a FAMILY, it takes a village, it takes ALL of us and faith that live is good! Happy Mother/Grandmother's Day to YOU! I hope it was wonderful!

Rosa said...

That was so beautifully written.
God bless you:-)

beth said...

You said it very well. Being there for your grandchildren is an act of love. Sometimes I have to fight to keep on the positive side.
Thanks for the reminder of the importance of what we do.

Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

I seriously don't know how you do it either. My 2 grandkids can wear me out in just a few hours. haha. BUT I would not hesitate to take them in if there was a need. God bless you for what you do and a happy belated mother's day to you.