Thursday, June 21, 2012

Home School Books Wanted For Summer Program

So what do you do with your children or grandchildren all summer long?  Do you travel? Do you take day trips? Do you go to the park, library, walks around your neighborhood, create crafts, cook together, or let your kids watch tv and hang out all summer because they worked so hard all year at school?

I believe in not letting young minds go to waste all summer, so we get up in the morning, eat breakfast, get our chores out of the way (yes, I said ours) and then I read to them and this summer we are beginning Cornelia Funke's InkHeart series, so I read a chapter or two in the morning and at bedtime. Yes, though they are in 4th,5th and 6th grades, they still love bedtime stories and prayers at night.

After I read, they are required to read at least 2 chapters in their books which are all mysteries this summer thus far. One is reading The Familiars  by Adam Jay Epstein and Andrew Jacobson a book about a cat with magical powers. One is reading Bran Hambric The Fairfield Curse by Kaleb Nation another book about mystery and magic. We have one reading Fire Star by Chris dLacey a book about what else?? Magic and dragons.

Each day they must find words in the chapter(s) they are reading and keep them in a book, find the definition of the word and use it at least once properly in its context. Yesterday they discovered supercilious and haughty and when the time was perfect, they used it on their Papa. 

They also belong to the summer reading program at our local library.  I use a large curriculum book for 5th grade this year and I am really looking to see if any of you that home school have some 4th, 5th or 6th grade books you might want to share?  I am looking for spelling, math and grammar specifically.

I limit the time they can spend on the television and computer during the summer and we find many adventures to go on locally, from blueberry picking to canning Strawberry jam, not a day goes by that we waste.  We are also working on physical abilities such as sit ups, running and push ups so next school year they will be ready.

Nutrition is also something we are learning all about this summer.

How about you?  Any special things you do to keep your kinds minds sharp?


NanaNor's said...

HI there, Let's see our grands don't watch t.v. just occasional movies and are limited to the amount of time they can use the computer(one family doesn't let their little ones use it at all) so like you, one family participates in the local library reading program, have daily bible stories, read aloud, cooking, swim lessons and are also taking horse back riding lessons. This is beside their chores as well-such as gardening, and they will can strawberries shortly. The other family also focuses on reading and gardening but the girls are 7,5,4,2 and our daughter is pregnant with #5-which limits just how much outside involvement they have. It is nice to see how children learn to really play and create when they are babysat by technology. Did I mention they all go camping as well.
Have a great evening and thanks for the book suggestions.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I'm with you....even while on vacation we use our minds :)

We have topics we investigate at the library. Right now it is salt water fish tanks for Aaron and Zach likes Egyptian history. Then we do a math page or two every few days.

I also schedule several camps for the boys expose them to a variety of experiences.