Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Name Change For This Blog

No, you didn't miss it, this is the first time I am using it and will be working slowly to move my blog to a and change the name to Purple Cottage Quilts.

The name hit me yesterday taking pictures of this quilt out on my front porch that I already live in a purple house, well it is a Craftsman style home which technically I guess we can call a cottage.

So, welcome to the new look.

I also want to take some time to let those who may have considered using Zibbet to sell their items, that Zibbet is now offering their premium pages for a free 45 day trial and you just might (like me) want to give it a spin to see what it is all about.

They already offer free listings with their regular accounts and I have sold two items in my Zibbet shop, so I thought maybe I would give the premium pages a try and see if it goes any better.  After all, for 45 days you have nothing to lose but time listing your things.

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