Friday, July 13, 2012

Amazing Days With Family

This is a picture of the top of the Washington State Capitol building dome I took while sitting at a red light about 3 blocks away while hubby was driving.  I just love our capitol building and the town of Olympia.  It is easy for me to drive around and navigate even driving the big old 4 x 4 with the camper top on the back.

Hubby was blessed to find a man giving away free firewood from a tree that fell in his backyard this past is Cedar so it will be dry and burn hot.  We had to drive to Olympia and hubby had to cut the rounds into pieces he could lift and carry. Tomorrow he will use the axe and log splitter (thanks John, without you this wouldn't have been even doable!) and split and stack.

While he was doing this, the kids and I headed on over to Lacey (we were supposed to go to Olympia Mall, but I missed the exit) so we went to Michaels and picked up some nice single and double mats for diva girls pictures she is going to enter into the fair in August.

We walked around Target (didn't buy a thing) oh how I want a Kitchen Aide mixer, new 4 slice toaster and small light weight vacuum for the basement so I don't have to wait for someone to carry the big one down stairs, but without hubby with me, I was composed and only purchased some swimmers ear drops and cold sore meds for the kids. 

We went to Chipotle for dinner.  Oh my, if you have one in your area and have not been and love Mexican food that is made fresh and hot, you need to go, it is delicious and the kids said from now on no more Taco Bell...they forget Chipotle is 50 miles away one way.  I haven't eaten at Chipotle since we lived in Arizona. 

I really miss living in a town that has good restaurants, good shopping and things to do. But I also love where I live because it is safe and quiet.

When I got home, this was on the patio...I had won a giveaway over at Ribbon Candy Quilt Company blog and thought it was just a small package of Steam A Seam...instead I was jumping for joy (okay, I was shouting) when I saw it was this wonderful box full.

What is amazing is that we drove by the warm company on our way to and from Olympia.  If you don't know where they are located, you would miss them as you drive by, but I love looking their way knowing they do so much for all of us quilters.

All hubby could say was, it's a big box of stickers....

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Kim-A Creative Spirit said...

Sadly since I am not really a quilter I didn't even know what that is you won hahha. But what a great prize that I am sure you will definitely make use of. I love Chipotle too but we have no trouble getting to one as there are I think 2 of them within 5 mis from me and one across from my work. I guess I take it for granted but it really is yummy. Glad you had fun with your family though on your trip into Olympia.