Sunday, July 1, 2012

Beautiful Hummingbirds

I absolutely love Hummingbirds, they are beautiful, the are fascinating, they are quick,they can fly backwards and if you take care of them and provide them with fresh food on a regular basis, they will bless you with an all day flying show!

This year I am particularly happy to see these little birds in the past week or so, because due to our extremely wet and cold weather, they did not appear as they usually do in April/May. 

After all it is with extreme sadness that my beautiful Purple first year Rhodie passed on this week.  I was worried the winter snowfall we had froze it, but it grew new buds and I fed it Rhodie food, but two days ago I went out and all the leaves are drooping. 

I was told not to worry, Rhodies are indestructable, but evidently that just isn't true as mine is gone.  I am thinking about trying to plant a Hydrangea bush in its place. I don't know if it is the rain or what ever has been eating it as we have tent caterpillars and they may have killed it.  So seeing the Hummingbirds was what I needed.

My diva girl took these pictures, she tried yesterday but each time she moved, they ran. Today, she sat out on a rock we have in our yard (think large rock fit to be a bench) and waited for them to arrive and she began snapping pictures.

She has done such an amazing job that I want to have a few of these matted and framed and have her enter them into our local county fair and maybe the state fair, I truly believe at a local level she would receive a ribbon!

**These pictures are the sole property of Alysha Kester and cannot be copied or reprinted without her express  written permission.**


Sara said...

Great photos - it's really hard to catch a hummingbird with the camera. We get them for just a few weeks in the spring while one of our bushes is in bloom. I love watching them.

Beth said...

She got some great photos! You and your grands (and your husband) are lucky to have each other. Enjoy the sweet moments.