Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful For The Things I Didn't Get

Are you a member of Facebook?  If so then you have probably seen the 30 days of thankful and all the posts people are writing daily and that sure beats seeing all those political messages that are driving everyone nuts.  Can you imagine how much could be done in the time spent with the money spent on this campaign to help great causes?  Wow!

But this isn't about the election...I voted for whom I voted and as my hubby would say it is noneya business who I voted for, just doing so gives me a reason to be thankful.

We have been trying for months now to purchase a new home that was a great deal for us.   We offered the full asking price with a good down payment (over 20%) and asked the owner to carry for 5 years and we would pay it off.  We were turned down and someone else purchased the house for $65,000 because they could qualify for the loan.

We are hurt and yet, I am so thankful for this as well.  You see, so many times when we get our mind set on something we discover later that God was watching out for us.  You see, there was a gruesome murder in that home and maybe God is protecting us from something down the road.

Another home we almost purchased and backed out of at the last moment, burned to the ground shortly after the owners moved out.  It could have been us moving in!

One of the homes I loved wound up having flooding in the basement we were not told about and the new owners are now battling mold issues.

A job I interviewed for and didn't get I was protected because several months later they laid everyone off.

Another job I had 2 interviews for and was looking forward to working for the company to learn some new skills, packed up and moved away in the middle of the night leaving all their customers hanging.

When I felt God pushing me to retire from a career I had worked in for 13 years and loved so much, several months later it was shown to me why I was gone!

Yes, I am human, I cry when I am disappointed or hurt, but I also know that God is watching out from my family.  So today, I am thankful for all the times God has said NO!


Sara said...

Powerful reminders! Thank you. When we were first married we fell in love with a house and were so disappointed that we didn't get the house. About 3 months later a big tree fell through the front during a big storm! God does look out for us.

Love Of Quilts said...

This is good to know. We should all be thankful that he is watching out for us.

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, It is so nice that you were able to see God's reasons for saying no. Sometimes, we just have to trust that it is for our best that we don't get what we want. The thing with retirement is that we are usually busier than we were when we were working. Have a great evening.
Hugs, Noreen

Melinda Cornish said...

God always answers...we wish it would be yes all the time but it just isnt...he loves you like crazy Jean and so do I.....