Monday, January 7, 2013

A Little At A Time...Helps To Drop The Pounds

So, maybe your News Years Resolution like so many other peoples was to lose weight this year, get healthier.  Hows that going for you?  Are you sticking to your goals?  Our family is and while it is a bit unnerving for my husband who has weighed the same all his adult life (136) he has been supportive.

We started the year off with a walk on the beach at a snails pace.  **Reminder to self, you need better walking shoes** At the end of the walk, the ball of my feet hurt so bad I could barely shuffle to the car.

The next day I said we would rest, but we walked to town and back and lucky for me it is a short walk of 2 miles round trip that had me ready to crawl or call a friend, but the kids kept telling me it didn't matter how many times I sat down to rest, we would make it home.  We did after almost 3 hours.

We haven't walked a mile or even 2 every day this past week, but we have walked.  Thursday we had appointments so we went to lunch at Costco and this time, we halved the hot dogs and skipped the soda and after we ate, we walked around the store.  Fun and exercise, what  concept.

Breakfasts have been fun...homemade fresh cinnamon bread with no sugar added, homemade egg muffins, with egg whites, salsa, low fat cheese and English muffin. Only one instead of two.

Lunch has been the best as we experimented with tuna sandwiches with chopped up artichokes, onion, fat free mayo mixed with lemon pepper, yellow mustard and oregano (you have to kill the mayo taste somehow), toasted on muffin.

Snacks have been hummus and veggies, apples, homemade granola.

Dinner we have added salad and cut out the bread.

Today, we performed our family weigh in and I am excited to say each and everyone of us lost at least 1 - 1.4 pounds.  How cool is that?

Yes, it rains here all the time, but we put on our big boy panties, rain gear, dress the dog in her rain coat, put a smile on our face and out we go for a walk. If it is to rainy, we do a mile or more on the treadmill and this week we will add weights.

I do expect next week the girls will lose more as they are on their school basketball team.

So proud of all my family for finding a way to get fit!


Sara said...

Way to go! A great start and involving the whole family is going to help make it less of a burden.

Wish that I had been so attentive to my efforts since New Years. My biggest issues are not enough exercise and snacking. I've been journaling what I eat each day sporadically and need to be more consistant. But I just can't seem to get motivated to start walking again. Until that happens I'm probably doomed to stay at this weight.

Trace said...

way to go on progressing with your goals!!

One of my goals is also to lose weight! But I don't have any members of the family to join me!

Keep up the great work!

Trace xx

NanaNor's said...

Hi, for some reason I lost my last comment. Great job at walking; I try to walk five days a week with our dog and started back at the gym today-so an additional 2 mls on the treadmill. My hubby is the same as yours and never gains weight. Me, I have about 8 lbs to loose. I will continue riding bikes/treadmill at the gym as well as the one class.
Keep it up!

pcflamingo said...

You are an inspiration!

Patty said...

Your program sounds like a great way to loose weight. I need to commit myself to doing that also. I am starting a new job in child care next week. Hopefully that will keep me moving more than I have been. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for all your inspiration.