Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fifteen Pounds of Spuds Gone

This is about how much weight I have lost...15 pounds since the first of the year and surprisingly, it is coming off pretty easily with some mental changes in my life.

For me, I realized I cannot say Diet, it is a flag to sabotage my efforts healthier eating habits is much easier on my brain!

So, what changes have I made?

  • I gave up my morning cappucino and replaced it with a cup of Ginger/Pear white tea or a glass of 1/2 grapefruit juice and 1/2 water. I have come to discover as much as I love the juice, drinking it full strength for several days aggravates my fibromyalgia.
  • No more junk food in the house except for a few snacks for hubby. I can't expect a man who weighs less than 140 pounds at 6 feet tall to go without a few chips.
  • Daily vitamins...I can't do regular vitamins oddly enough they make me immediately dizzy and nauseous, however I can do the adult gummy vits and do!
  • Go to bed earlier. With fibro I usually stay up most of the night into the wee hours of the morning, but now I try to go to bed before midnight and if I am wide awake at 0300 so be it, I get up for a bit and try to go back to sleep again. If I can great and if not, that is okay too.
  • Eggs, I find if I eat an egg when I think I need to snack, it does the trick.
Finally, don't snack at night.  Last night I had this huge craving for potato chips, so I went to bed...craving gone and chips still sealed in the bag!

For me one small step at a time!

Tell me how your journey is going, I would love to hear it!


Sara said...

Wow! Good for you!

Unfortunately I have found your 15 lbs of spuds! In the past year I've gained 15 aggravating pounds. This was after losing 25+ and keeping it off for 6 years.

I know it is "stress snacking" and lack of exercise. I know it, but can't seem to make myself do something about it.

But it is good to read about someone having success at this battle. Congrats!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Congratulations. You are doing wonderful. I only need to lose 110....for real.

I was watching Dr. Oz and the doctor visiting was saying you should not call it weight loss, but weight removeable. If it's lost you might want to get it back....grin.

pcflamingo said...

How inspiring! I find that if I just stay away from fast food entirely, I start dropping pounds and feel lots better. The only exception, and I don't really consider it fast food, is Subway.

Also, de-junking my pantry was a big help. I can't have things like chips or cookies in there, because I have no "off" switch. If I start to eat some, I eat 'em all. So I just don't stock them. I keep cut up veggies in the fridge instead. Some days all the carrots in the world won't do, if what I really want is some Cheetos. Then I will buy a small bag of Cheetos, eat it and get it out of my system.

Lori said...

Loved your post! The weather forecast is rain/snow and I am feeling CREAKY! Dang fibro beastie. Good time to sit in my recliner and toast in front of my favorite heater.