Friday, March 29, 2013

Almost Quilting....

One can never have enough thread!

Yesterday hubby started putting things up in storage and it removed several large bins from moving out of the living room area where my quilting table is at.

While I can't exactly get to quilting yet, I was able to take all my thread and put it in some containers.  You see, the old place, I had thread racks, but here, I have no place to put something like that, so everything will be in containers.

Of pins and needles
  I also decided it was time to get my pins and needles organized and while I rarely use straight pins anymore for quilting, I do use them for sewing and want to ensure they stay out of my carpet.

I have a large magnetic tool holder for straight pins, a small one for needles, a cupcake paper holder for curved safety pins and a glass anniversary box from my days as a police dispatcher to hold sewing machine needles.

Of course, once I get to use my machine, I will probably change things around again!  But for now, I am happy to move things into homes! 

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