Monday, April 22, 2013

Please Vote For Me on Friday

I usually do not enter contests where people have to vote on my quilts for one main reason and that is because there are so many other talented quilters I just feel my work isn't up to competition level.

However, over at Quilting Gallery , Michele has a weekly contest anyone can enter and anyone can vote on the quilts aptly named, "Quilters Show and Tell."

This upcoming Friday she will display and you will be able to vote on wall hanging quilts and I submitted an older one I made for my husbands office wall in 2007.

It isn't elaborate or fancy, but I couldn't resist making it when I saw the pattern and he absolutely loved it.

Here is the wall hanging and I would very much appreciate if on Friday you would head over and give me a vote.

 In the mean time, voting is open for this weeks quilts and they are amazing! 

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