Sunday, April 7, 2013

Quilting Space Giveaway

Do you have a quilting space  Not a kitchen table or a corner in a living room, but a real place you can go and forget about all the stress of your day or week and just close the door and quilt?

Prior to moving into our new home, I had 2 if you can believe that.  I had been blessed to have hubby build me an awesome space into an old coat closet in the living room
You can see it here.  We had to leave behind my thread/bobbin holder and peg board, but it was a wonderful space.  It had my sewing machine, a large light under the middle shelf, my sewing machine which was a gift from a friend, all tucked away in this tiny space.

Then there was the large basement where I could quilt downstairs waiting for laundry to dry and even in the darkest and coldest of winters, I was  kept warm by the large wood stove we had. 
 Empty, it doesn't look like much,but the closet on the right held boxes and boxes of fabrics. The darker wall held my television and quilting shelf and I had bolts of batting, a sewing table and station.

Right now, I have a table in the living room and my cutting table in the bedroom and I cannot get to each, but I am getting closer!

Recently we have been talking about making me my own quilting cottage on our new property somewhere. It won't be tomorrow or next week, but it makes me wonder, what are the items in your quilting room/shop/space you simply cannot do without?

Is it just having shelves like these over at: A Quilting Jewel?  Oh, I am so jealous of these nice white neat shelves! Go look at the sewing room she has, simply amazing:
Oh and definitely I would want a window or maybe two.  I love quilting and watching outside my window at the same time. Isn't this just a great set up Jewel has?
 Maybe you dream of something like this where you can hand your batting and have a giant cutting/pinning table:

Or perhaps a longarm?  I am not sure even in my new planned space I would be able to fit a long arm, so maybe a short arm would work better?  Do you have a long arm?  Where is it set up and how much space does it take up?

These 2 ideas came over from:
 you really need to head over and see how this room functions.
Maybe you are like me, I have found a large 10' x 20' storage unit that can be delivered to my yard and set up rather quickly.  Of course I would have to insulate it, add some flooring, electrical and I am even thinking of perhaps a small front porch where when I am quilting, the grands can sit out and talk to me or visit with each other.
Then there is the consideration of furniture.  Do I do something like this and have a few custom cabinets built with a simple counter top where I can place my sewing machines along one wall of the shop?
Or do I spend lots and lots and get something like the Koala?

With so many options and so much time, I could have anything I want, but dreams and budgets don't always go hand in hand.
If you could design your own room what would you have? Do you have the perfect room and want to share it with us?  I would love to see some pictures, glean some ideas from all of you.
Which brings me up to my first giveaway for 2013 and certainly one that has been long time in coming.  So, please come back tomorrow, I should have the page set up, the prizes picked and all the details worked out!


Sara said...

In our previous house I had a little corner of the dining room as my sewing space. Then it moved to an empty bedroom when the girls moved into our newly finished basement space. That was wonderful even though it was very small. In this house I have a basement bedroom as my sewing space. I do have a window but can't really see anything from it since it is ground level. But it is nice to be able to leave my mess where it doesn't bother anyone else. Having a window with a view would be my first wish and nice shelving would be another.

Kathy S. said...

I got a longarm this year. I need at least 15' (so that I can walk around it) by 5' (so that I have room to move to quilt from the freehand side and the pantograph side). My husband and I have been building our dream house from scratch since 1998. (He is in the construction business.) We live in the old farmhouse on the same property. I am very content with my happy little family. I'm never worried about when the "real" house will be done. I have everything I need in the very small house. The longarm is in the "new" house with plenty of lighting. Someday it will be moved upstairs of that house when we decide to finish it and live in it.

Ivory Spring said...

Oh my goodness - a quilting cottage! I am totally envious. Thank you for entering my giveaway.

Melinda Cornish said...

I have a quilter set may remember it. Now I have converted our big living room into a sewing and craft room. I am not done though....Probably my favorite things is having two big tables to sit and work at with the kids.