Saturday, April 13, 2013

Some More Quilt Room Pictures

Here is what you can do with a converted shed in your back yard as Mhairi did!  I love the space she has here and just know it time it will be perfect for her!

Her one complaint was how dark it is between the house and quilting shed at night, hmmm, was wondering if maybe a short pathway lined with solar lights might help? Here in my world, you want it light enough to see the racoons, skunks, possums and whatever else might be hidden!

This one is from Beth.  I love windows!  Matter of fact I have decided that my new space when I get it has to have at least 2 windows, 1 directly over my sewing table and another probably on a side wall along with a skylight and screen door!

My grands want a small covered porch so they can sit outside while I am sewing. Whatever I decide, I know some of your wonderful ideas will be incorporated into it!

Many of you know my friend Melinda over at Melindas Fabric Fancies and here is what her quilting room once looked like...seriously I am hoping one day to maybe at lease own a short arm.

In the meantime, the local quilting shop is offering $60 long arm class which includes all the materials plus several hours on the machine.

I am going to start filling up my Zibbet shop with some pre-cut fabrics in 50 piece packs and maybe I will sell enough to pay for the class!

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Melinda Cornish said...

I love seeing all the rooms. Here is a link to mine when Don and I were married, the jerk. Anyway mine now is a work in progress...Just like yours!