Friday, May 17, 2013

Harbor Freight Is For Saving Quilters Money

I went to Harbor Freight today with hubby and while he was getting what he needed, I was walking around and almost fell over, they are selling a very similar ruler gripper that you can purchase in the quilt shops and JoAnns for around $20 or more, for $6.99.

Save yourself some money my quilting friends and check out Harbor Freight if you have one in your area before going to the quilt shop for grippers, magnetic pin holders and more!


NanaNor's said...

This is a great tip; in Ca. all my quilting friends always went to H.F. but here in Colorado I haven't been able to find thanks, I will look though.
Have a great weekend.

pizzaeater said...

Harbor Freight also has rotary blades. Ask the workers for the carpet cutting wheels. You get 2 for 1.99. They work just as well in my opinion. 1.99 vs. 17.99 is a good option. It leaves more money for fabric!