Friday, May 10, 2013

Prices Are Up

Today I realized I had a bag full of wonderful beachie sealife fabrics that I purchased in 2006 intending with all good intentions on making a really adorable woven fish quilt.

For some reason, I over purchased and picked up 2 yards of each fabric as opposed to the 1/4 yard it called for. Imagine my delight in unfolding 20 yards of brand new fabric!

What I found however was sticker shock.  Yesterday I purchase a yard and a half of flannel fabric for a friends baby quilt and it cost me just under $18.

In 2006, I purchased 2 yards of fabric at a local quilt store and the cost was $7.86 and that shocked me.  What bothered me is not that the cost has gone up, but that the cost has gone up while the manufacturers have cut yardage to about 42" wide opposed to 45" wide.

I know everyone is going to say it had to be done or the fabric would cost more, but if I hadn't read it on another blog, I wouldn't have known as not one person cutting my fabric has asked if I knew the widths have changed and I not only quilt, but make clothing for my grandchildren and most patterns are for 45" fabric.

It will take some getting used to and in the mean time I am going to diligently hunt for yard and estate sales as well as sales at quilt shops!

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