Sunday, July 21, 2013

Amazing Marilyn and Her Awesome Label

This is just the most awesome idea I have seen for a label for our quilts yet. This is one Marilyn over at North Hills Quilter designed!
How cool is this?
I do NOT have an embroidery machine but for those of you who do, I am sure if you asked, Marilyn would be more than happy to share this with you and you can add it on your quilts as well!

You could also add a more personal label as well. I am not saying you have to make this but for those who want to, I am pretty sure Marilyn wouldn't mind as long as you visit her blog and ask her permission.

Let us all remember that what we see on blogs belongs to the blogger and the designer and just because we like it does not mean we can just use it for our own purposes without asking permission!



marilyn said...

I am working making these up and am willing to send them out to anyone who wants finished ones too. SO, I can email a file in any version to someone who has an embroidery machine, mine is a brother so uses .pes files, but I have a program that can save in other files as well, but I know that not everyone has an embroidery machine so I am willing to make these if anyone else wants some to add to their quilts. Just give me some time to get them done. My machine stitches away while I am quilting. I love my embroidery machine! I'm trying out the stitching on different fabrics as well. The satin is a bit fiddly to work with so will be trying on some muslin. I tried on some fleece which is really soft, but the fabric absorbed the stitches a bit. Please feel free to share this info on your blog and FB page.

Quiltingranny said...

Marilyn you are a doll angel, so amazing! What type of Brother do you have? There are so many out there! Thank you for always being there for those in need!