Saturday, July 13, 2013

Have You Seen Any Quilters?

Today was NOT a quilt day.  It was family day.  Hubbies company rewards its employee's and families once a year with a wonderful treat to a local water park (okay, local as in 1 1/2 hours away), paid parking and a meal.  We love it!

However, with my medical issues, walking up steep hills is difficult not because of the walk but because each time I have pneumonia, my lungs get weaker and my breathing on these inclines is hard!

The walks down are so steep and wet, I am always worried about falling and always questioning why the park doesn't have stairs instead of paved hills.

So, when our dog sitter came by late last night and cancelled I thought, 'hmmmm, great day to quilt in total peace and quiet.' I know, selfish!

But hubby suggested we try to put her in puppy daycare for the day and to our surprise, we found one very close and they took her in.
She was so scared when we dropped her off, shaking and literally hyperventilating!  But we did and they are very loving and kind!

We got to the park and it was cool and light breeze. I can't do many rides but the one I could was the river raft ride, no bumps, no jerky turns, but you get soaked and after all isn't that what a water park ride is all about?

However, it was on the walkway away from the ride that hubby got doused as in I wish I had a camera for the look on his face when all he saw was a giant wall of water coming his way.  Sadly, I laughed so hard at his expense because it was funny!

From there, we watched the kids ride rides and my feet started killing me (lucky for me I always carry at least 1 other pair of shoes everywhere I go) and changing them helped.

We had a nice sit down lunch, I took my pain medication and hubby and I found a place to seat centrally so the kids could ride the rides and we could sit and talk.

I am so happy I went, the time away from the house, the chores and the quilting was a good break.  However, while we were sitting, hubby reaches into my hair and I am not kidding, pulls out a piece of thread!

Without skipping a beat, he looks straight at me and asks, 'have you seen any quilters today?' my reply back was, 'No, not today, have you?'  He just started laughing.

You see today, was time for me to be a wife, soul mate, grandmother, but it was not the time to be a quilter and I am so glad I went and had a good time even if I do have limitations!

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