Thursday, July 11, 2013

I Don't Always Quilt

I have been seeing a counselor for my depression and to learn to adapt to the fact I will never again hold down a paying job due to my many health issues that require pain medication, rest and sometimes bedrest.

Oh, I know, you do not always see it or hear it in my posts, but it exists.  My quilts that I used to be able to make 3, 4 or more in a week are lucky to be completed 1 every 4 weeks or longer.

I have some very good days, that is to be expected and on those days, I sometimes over do and spend 2-4 days down making up for it.  Believe me, I have been a human pill dispenser from my doctor as we up dosages, change meds, keep one and dump another.

However even with the enormity of this quilt drive for the Granite Mountain Hotshots, hubby and I find time to spend alone and that helps as well.

 We found this old cast iron bench and the lady knocked the price on it down a bit.  Hubby is going to pressure wash it and get all the moss off, then it will be sanded, primed and taped off.  We are going to do the cast iron parts with a bronze or copper hammered spray paint and the slats and wood will be barn red.

When it is completed, we will place it in the backyard under our beautiful pine trees where it is shady and cool and give the kids a place to hang out with friends, or for me to sit and read!

I am so blessed to truly have a husband who is able to do what I can no longer do and make me smile and feel appreciated through the pain and the negative feelings I get with this pain!


Sandy said...

Well you are certainly in good company. I can truly empathize. Hope you are having more good days than bad. The bench is going to be really cute!

Wendy B said...

Hubby is a wonderful blessing happy he can bring strength in low times to make them less dark. Praying you are relieved of the darkness soon! xoxox