Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Son Joseph

Several of you have asked me about my son Joseph and his dog Hunter so I thought I would update you on what I know.

As you remember, Joseph is homeless and went on quite an adventure awhile back, basically being kidnapped by some maniac who enjoys picking up homeless and dumping them thousands of miles from home.

Joseph rarely calls me, so I have a few contacts on the streets where he is at and his family that keep me posted.  He recently turned 38 and the local Burger King threw him a wonderful impromtu birthday party!

I asked his aunt and his friend what he needed and he said some pants and socks.  His aunt tried to give him new shoes but he said his were good and she should hold onto them until he needed them.

Another lady this year paid for the dog tags for Hunter.

I so much want to go to visit him, but right now the cost is crazy high as we would need a rental vehicle, several nights lodging and it adds up quickly.  So I continue to sock my pennies away.

We would love to have him up here with us, but he won't leave. We were praying he would stay at the mission in Oregon when he got there, he didn't.  

I miss that funny little boy that was always so sweet and still is, so I pray everyday for him and for us!  I know soon, we will get to see him!

Thank you all who pray for him and ask about him often!

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Sara said...

it is a blessing that you do have a method of communicating with him through other people. Maybe gives you just a tiny bit of peace of mind occasionally.