Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Update on Firefighters Families That Still Need Adopting

First and foremost let me say I am so thankful and grateful to all of those who have stepped up and said yest, they will make quilts, please know you are such a blessing to the families and to me.  

Second, I want you to know I have also adopted several of the family members and have spent most of the past week between my sewing machine and my computer making sure everyone gets a quilt and that my friends is where it gets complicated.

I cannot tell you who to make the quilt for if you have decided to make it for someone else and I understand those people who know some of the men and have worked with some of them wanting to take those and I say quilt where your heart leads you.

However, if you ask me for a family and then come back and tell me you want a different one, I can only tell you that many of the families are already adopted and all of the children are, but if you absolutely want to make them another one, I cannot stop you from going where your heart leads you, but I want you to think about perhaps also making a quilt for the original family you were assigned.

If you cannot do this, I understand, but my keeping everyone assigned does get a bit sticky at that time when I am pulling you off another family member.

I am NOT the boss, a bully or a leader, I am the facilitator nothing more and nothing less and I facilitate so everyone receives at least one quilt.  Please know I am just helping ensure we get everyone covered so one family doesn't wind up with 50 and another family nothing.

Here are the family members I have left:

Dustin Deford - 8 siblings **still need 6 more**

Travis Carter - His wife Krista**Thank you Pat!**

Scott Norris - Heather his girlfriend

Wade Parker - Alicia his fiancee and his dad Captain Wade Parker Chino Valley Fire Department **Thank you Carmen**

Garrett Zuppinger - Dad Bryan

Eric Marsh - His Parents

Chris Mackenzie - His mom Lauri

Grant McKee - His dad G. Scott McKee, Fiancee Leah Fine and his grandparents

If there is someone here I assigned you and has already been taken thank you, just let me know!

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marilyn said...

I'm working on one quilt for a male and one quilt for a female. They are about twin size, so assign me where needed please. Not sure you got my earlier message.