Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Hate To Beg, But If I Must..23 Quilts Still Needed and Survivor Blocks

While I made a huge egg on my fact goof last week over at when I thought I had placed my order and did everything but follow through at the end and have been waiting patiently for my fabric to arrive...not knowing I didn't finish the ordering process.......

I need to let you all know we are still needing 25 quilts for family members, 6.5" blocks for the survivors quilt and maybe another person or two to step up and help with postage costs.

Thank you to Julie for stepping up and helping one of our quilters with postage to get a quilt out the door.  While many of us have stash on hand with fabric thread and batting, we may not have the extra $15-$20 to ship the quilt out.

Currently at this writing, I have 3 quilt boxes sitting by my door waiting for my paycheck to come so that will be approximately $60 and when my ordered fabric comes, there will be another 2 to be shipped.

When school arrives the extra money I have had this summer will soon be spent on sports, music lessons, school lunches, scouting supplies and uniforms and Diva girl is starting to do 5K's.

I am blessed to do Layers of Hope-Quilting 911 
to be able to facilitate getting all these quilts out and meeting so many wonderful quilters that reach out in so many ways and while I and many others can ship out, there are those that want to help and cannot pay the postage!

For Julie and others who step up, thank you all so much!

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