Thursday, August 1, 2013

Please Do NOT Forget The Surviving Hot Shot

As we all know there were 19 lost and 1 survivor and while most of the attention right now is focusing on the families of the lost, I want to remind all my quilting friends that I am working on putting a quilt together for Brendan the long survivor.

I asked a few weeks ago for 6.5" squares to be mailed to me and when I had gathered enough I would put them together to finish a quilt, have my local fire department members sign it and then send it out.

Sadly, at this writing, I have only received 3 squares.

I had asked you completed the square and then write on the front your name, a good thought and where you are from.  I want this to be a quilt filled with love and prayers and good wishes.

I know not everyone could take the time to make a quilt, but I know most of you can make a 6.5" square and place it in an envelope and mail to me.

So, lets show Brendan some quilting love!  Send me an Email and I will send you my address!

Thank you!


marilyn said...

I can make some blocks and will ask my friend Rebecca to make a couple blocks today. Email me your address, I think I have your old address.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Hey girl, you are not alone! Just tell me the colors you want and I'll get right on it. I can also post on my blog too....just let me know.