Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Quilt Is Back From Goodwill

Remember this quilt?  I made it for a young mom who was pregnant and her apartment burned down and I was asked to make her a baby quilt for her unborn little boy named Kayden.

I did and a few weeks back I was notified that is was in our local Goodwill store.  Yes, she or the lady I gave it to to give to her tossed it into the bin at Goodwill.

I believe she changed the name of the child, however she has never once responded to my question asking her about it, so I was the winning bidder and now it is back at my home.

If you know of a mom having a baby boy and she is going to name him Kayden, this would be a cute quilt for him and I am going to ask for a donation to Layers of Hope - Quilting 911 for this one to ensure it won't be resold!

One of my dear cop friends is sending me the $26.79 it cost me for the bid, the service charge and the postage so that will cover the auction.

I just want to make sure the next person that gets this quilt really wants it!

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Fiesta said...

Your quilt is lovely. It is so sad that it was not used for the person you invented.