Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thread Issues

I use clear thread for my quilting and recently I began having problems with the thread wrapping around the spool spindle so I get a few stitches and it breaks.

I have tried rethreading the thread and bobbin, cleaning the machine and I still can't get this to stop.

Any suggestions would be helpful!


IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Ok Girl,
First, what is making the thread grab the spindle? What happens if you flip your spool of thread the other direction...up side down? Does it still happen. Have you tried using a thread stand instead of the spindle on your machine? I'm guessing it is the way the thread is wound on the spool. Some is wound so it comes off "sideways" and some from the top down. I'm sure I sound wonky tonight....but I know of what you speak and there is a solution.


Sherry said...

Did you try turning the spool upside down? I know it sounds crazy but I had a thread issue on time & I turned the spool upside down & the problem resolved itself.

Thought it might be worth a try.

Connie said...

Sorry I can't help you with the tread problem but I can tell you where the Fish & Chips boat is, Astoria, Oregon. It is located on the main road through town, right across from the Maritime Museum.

Melinda c said...

I have had trouble with the clear thread before too. You may need to change your needle. You have to change them a lot because they get little snags that break the filament.

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks Melinda, I did change the needle and finally in the end I removed the entire bobbin mechanism, recleaned the machine and it worked. I change my needles usually twice during a project, but it is always nice to have advice from more experienced quilters!