Monday, September 30, 2013

I Am Once Again Stumped...What To Do With Excess Batting

I can donate lots of batting, but what do you find to do with the really large pieces of polyester batting?

I hate to just toss it into the trash. My hubby did use some recently to wrap the pipes to the well in our pump house so they wouldn't freeze during winter.

I can make mug rugs for teachers, but after that what do you do with it? Using several large pieces in a quilt makes the quilt to bumpy and lumpy and no one wants a bumpy lumpy quilt.

I just packed up a box of batting and fabric scraps to a friend who does amazing art projects and crafts with it, but I can see there as well, there is only so much you can give away.

I am looking for some ideas and am all ears!


Aimee said...

Have you tried Quilt As You Go projects? You can use up excess batting pretty good with QAYG quilts, & they work up pretty quick, & there are some beautiful patterns out there. 4-5 layers of regular low loft poly batting can be used in potholders, can be shredded & used as stuffed animal stuffing. You can also use the leftover poly batting in fabric boxes, baskets & buckets.

barbara woods said...

you can get battening tape to join together large pieces and use that in quilts

Sherry said...

I have been stockpiling my larger scraps of batting for use in doll quilts, smaller wall hangings, table runners, tote bags, needlebooks, pin cushions, dog blankets and practice pieces for quilting.

Hope you have been able to come up with some ideas.