Tuesday, October 8, 2013

10 Quilts Needed For Colorado First Responders!

The holidays are fast approaching, you are busy quilting, crafting or sewing up a storm, no time for any more projects.  How about sending a card or a small care package with your favorite things...chocolates, gum, gift card, stationary, hand sanitizer, cologne, soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.?

When was the last time you had no home to go to? I once lived in my car and remember how it felt to hide I had no home to live in.  I had a full time job but didn't qualify for housing for my sons and I, so while they lived with their dad, I scrimped and saved and slept in my car at night.  I showered at work, ate at work, went to the laundromat and spent time at the library reading.

Now imagine you were homeless, not because you didn't have any money, but because a devastating flood hit your area and ruined your home.  All your quilting, sewing and crafting supplies were gone. Then, you woke up and realized it was a nightmare.

However, the first responders who are still working at their job answering 911 calls, are awake and they are still living the nightmare because their homes are gone or in ruins.

Please, won't you reach out to one of these families in need?  We only have a few this time, so I think we can get them done quickly:

Kristen Owen-green

Aaron-age 12-Black

Ryan-age 10-Dark Purple

Hayden-age 7-Dark Blue


Diane Webber-Green

Grown children


Jan Carpenter-neutral colors **Adopted by Michelle M**

No children


Sue Perney-unknown color

One high school aged son


Kelly Doherty-unknown color

No children


Mary Thacker-unknown color

No children

**As usual, please let me know which family member you want to adopt so I can place them in an adopted status!**

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