Friday, November 22, 2013

No, No, No and NO!!

The silent migraines came back the other night. I have no idea why...we had a great day, I wasn't stressed and was sitting with hubby relaxing, when BAM!! My vision starting going out.

I chose to just turn in for the night after eating a low dose aspirin. I know, self diagnosing here, but since they can't figure this out, I am not taking any chances of tossing a blood clot anytime soon.

When I woke up, all was gone, I felt the after affects, but nothing to deter me from doing some chores around the guessed it, I fell!

I went to turn my sewing machine off, and down I went for no reason, (thanking God for carpeted flooring), I used my sewing table to break the fall and of course landed funny on my ankle.

I sat a few minutes, assessing the damage.  Did I hurt anything other than my pride?  Not at all, or so I thought.

Yesterday, everyone out the door, I sat down to eat breakfast and when I stood up, my left knee tried to buckle a few times and it hurts.  I just kept working it, but I did something to it.

I try not to tell anyone unless it is a bad fall because they worry about me so much and no one seems to be able to figure this out and I just feel like I can't stand on my own two feet for to long without falling and hurting myself.

However, I went to get up last night and my knee started to buckle and of course hubby saw it and asked me about it.  I had to confess I fell and guess I messed up my knee.

He wanted to know why I didn't say anything, but I said it didn't hurt initially.  He looked at my knee and said the back has a huge ball behind the knee cap, so assuming I pulled or contused something.

Today I will use ice and heat and see what happens, but this would be the third Thanksgiving I have had to be down and this time I am not going down without a fight.

Will see my doctor after the 1st of December, we need to go through all the tests and results over the past few months and we need to figure this I know I am not falling for no reason!

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barbara woods said...

good luck home you get well soon