Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013

My husband reminded me today, we have shared 32 Christmas's, which meant 32 Christmas tree's going up and coming down, to many to count ornaments going on and coming off and some sadly shattered. Miles of Christmas wrap, tons of sleepless nights while putting together or wrapping gifts.

Through it all, we have 4 sons, 1 daughter-in-law, 3 ex-daughter-in-laws (1 is still an amazing friend), 11 grandchildren (3 boys & 8 girls) and 1 great-granddaughter (girl).

We have had good Christmas's and lean Christmas's, but we have never had a bad Christmas. We have done without so the kids could have and we have all shared in mighty blessings.

I would like to share with you some pictures from our families Christmas:
Angel Tree Blessings

 Each year our son and their dad begins to worry about making sure his children receive a gift that he has a hand in picking out from prison and this can only be done through the donations from those that give and the churches that reach out.

This is the most important gift they receive, the one they cherish and the one they do not forget.  I am so thankful for Angel Tree and their ministry to prisoners children.

Anxiously but patiently waiting to open their gifts!

 We never seem to have enough seating space in our family room, so they received these large bean bag style chairs this year and they love them!

Where's My New Truck?
 My husband is amazing. He helps me with the kids, with laundry, with house work and grocery shopping even after he has put in 12 hour days from the time he leaves home until he returns and he never complains.

He has an old Dodge truck and I kid you not (pictures coming soon) in which the entire dashboard is splitting and coming apart...seriously the glove box hangs, the cracks are horrible and now there is a large piece about to fall off.

When he got this and opened it (his was worn through), he looked at me with his wonderful smile and sense of humor and said..'so my new Ford F350 is parked outside?' Oh how I wish, but I did get him a new steering wheel cover and the kids are washing out and cleaning his truck tomorrow.

Shhhhhh, don't tell him, but I am getting him a new 2 ton jack after the first. He asked for it, but I couldn't lift it, so I am taking him out to pick one out.  Not the same as a truck, but I keep hoping someday the Ford fairy will come visit!

My New Quilting Notion
 Several years back my iron just quit, so I went to Goodwill and bought one for $2.99 and for the money I paid it has been a good iron, however the temperature no longer goes anywhere but high, so I asked for an iron.

At first my hubby thought I was joking, then he realized I was serious. I was so happy to get this one, it has a non-stick bottom and the cord roles up and has a cover, so no more wrestling around with the cord stuck in my cabinet door.

You can see the clarinet case in the corner left from the over the phone concert the oldest gave to her father when he called. My coffee mug that didn't bring snow this Christmas, but did bring us love and family.

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