Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Peaceful Living

After so many years of my life being on the move from place to place whether via my dads military service, being young and moving from place to place for a job, my hubbies military service or in later years, my wanderlust, I can finally say, I am at peace with where we live.

The Pacific Northwest is just beautiful from the Pacific ocean with its rock outcroppings, to the beautiful lakes, rivers full of fish, places like Pikes Market, the teapot shaped bar or gas station, Leavenworth which turns into Christmas at its best during this time of the year, or the high desert of the eastern part of the state...I love Washington!

Lately I have had to veer clear of several adorable little bunnies as they hop to and fro around the side of the road, I don't want to commit a bunny murder with my grands in the car, it would traumatize them for life, nor do I seriously want to come home and clean it up.

In our last home, it was a daily siting of deer and racoon as they cavorted down our streets, in our neighbors trees and flowers and moving from the hills to the flat lands, I was worried I wouldn't see this any more.

Today, I was blessed to have my camera next to the front door on my way to empty the trash and take a picture of this pair that was obviously able to hide out from the hunters that were after a tasty meal over the last month or so of Pheasant season.

Just awesome to see them strutting around as if they were peacocks! Such a blessing!


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