Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Day Thanks!

I love snow days with the kids home with me, we find fun things to do and yesterday was no exception.

 I mean seriously folks, I don't know which one is more adorable, my granddaughter or her amazing snowman.  Well, I know, but the snowman is so cute.

Why is he so amazing? See the yard? That is about how much snow we had left when she decided to start this little guy. She took snow from the porch and cars and began rolling him around the driveway where there was snow no one had driven on.

Then she went searching for the perfect accessories after all, Diva girl must have an accessorized snowman...arms from the back of our property, a carrot from the fridge, buttons from my button can, her brother lent her the hat and her sister the scarf.

Shortly after she completed it, it began to rain. Quickly, she sprang into action and moved him carefully under the trailer hitch, found a box, cut it up into a shelter, placed it on top of the hitch with rocks and made a sign that stated, 'made by Aly, rain go away!'

Once inside, her and her sister treated me to a Trombone/Clarinet concert complete with intros to each piece of music and curtsy's when done.

We braved the elements, went shopping, came home, cleaned and left for the last meeting of our nutrition program at the local YMCA where a group of us decided we would try to get together for one 5K monthly and a game day at the Y as well.

Now for thanks....drum roll please!  We are now at 47% of our goal for raising the money for our custom logo for Layers of Hope and a custom designed website to match.  I want to thank the 3 donors who have given so generously to help us move this Ministry or Charity into its next phase!

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Sara said...

Snow days and kids - a great combination. Mine used to have such fun playing outside on snow days. Well any days really. Cute photo of your granddaughter and her snowman. Glad you captured the memory!